In the 1263 of the Isawa Calendar The Emerald Empire knew several decades of relative peace. No major threat levied its sights on the people of Rokugan. No shadowland force worth mention challenged The Kaiu Wall. Relationships with the colonies have stabilized. Even the great clan’s infighting was in a lull. However, on the first day of winter Emperor Iweko Kaito awoke visibly shaken.
He summoned all his retainers and all the clan representatives. He told them that he sensed a great evil that would soon threaten his lands, and that he wished for the creation of an elite unit to deal with this issue before it starts. Everyone, understandably shocked at this revelation quickly sent word back to their respective clans, and a force was quickly assembled out of the best each clan could send. This unit stopped many villainous acts. They destroyed a large bloodspeaker cult. They helped defend the wall from worst invasion in generations. They fought off some mysterious gaijin from across the sea; however, each time The Emperor congratulated them on a job well done but told them to remain vigilant because the looming threat was still there. After 15 years of this The Emperor wisely let these samurai retire and ask for a second unit, and the next 15 years proceed much like the previous. The Emperor, having lost faith in the clan daimyos, chose the next unit personally. This unit was much smaller and didn’t have a member for each clan. Some sought meaning in this decision, but they too gave up when another 15 years past without solving the problem.
Now the Emperor chooses his champions once again to strike out at a danger it seems only he can see.

By the Emperor's Will

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